Who am I? What is the purpose of life? The importance of having fun

Who am I? What is the purpose of life? The importance of having fun

Hello, i’m a Manael


Who are you? … Have you ever thought about the purpose of life?

In order to get the answer, i.e. meditating, listening to the stories of the person son of an extraordinary ability, or a successful person…

I think that various devices are done to spend a one-time life meaningfully.

I made this afameding because I wanted to be a hint to help you come up with your own answers.

Who am I? What is the purpose of life?



Who you are.

You’re spread ing all the way Deep, quiet darkness

Even planets moving at 600km per second
If it depends on you Like slow motion…

of a thousand times the size of the sun
Even the constellations
To you It’s just a stone.

so vast and great existence That’s you…

You are the Creator of all the world.


You light up the darkness A light full of love…

God itself


What you meant by chance
Anything, It’s created right away.

Even a little intended.


You were surrounded by silence without sound In the dark

Be quiet.
Very quiet.
The universe that I created… I was looking at the galaxy.

And I found it!

In the darkness, remarkably beautiful The planet that glows blue…


from that moment on I’ve been captivated by the blue planet.

The planet was really beautiful.


And you thought

That beautiful planet. want to see from the inside and

And I just looked a little bit.

Who was there? The Same Creator as You

But they Forget that you are the Creator

Just to intend,
To be able to create everything I’ve forgotten it beautifully.

In fact, it’s all there.
That I’m a tiny person
I’m sorry to
Thanks to the misunderstanding, Create a tiny reality…

It’s the world I created with my own intentions.

If you don’t want to, you can create a different world.
without it even No game is even a game that is also a good …


Look at them like that. Did you think?

“That’s good… It’s going to be fun.


To you who know that everything is there

No playing games is a good thing They seemed to be playing.

Create things that you don’t own
That’s what I want. I want this. They were really funny.

And one more thing.

The blue planet sat through their eyes It was more beautiful and wonderful than I imagined!

And you thought.

I want to play myself.


You are the Creator of all


The thought was fulfilled immediately. You’ve been born to earth.

Borrow this cramped body…

But you can only play for a few decades!

you got in
This cramped ride It’s only been a few decades.

Only a few decades.


From the original It’s like a blink of an eye.

It’s only about time

That’s why you thought.

This wonderful earth Let’s enjoy it to the fullest! Play! What.

So if you don’t enjoy it, you’re going to have to do it!
To play and to enjoy I’m on this planet.

Like them who are crying out to forget everything Are you going to spend your time playing no games?


You are the Creator of all


The people i meet today, what i see today It’s all for you to enjoy…

It’s the playground you created!

Have you forgotten?!


Everything is your way.


Play and enjoy anything.

Work, school… Even if you’re sick…

For you, everything in this world It’s just a matter of play.


And when you get off this ride You say that.

“Oh, it was fun. And then.


Enjoy all the events. And play as much as you want.

Cause even in this universe You can create it just by intention.

Because he is the Creator.